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How to buy your PR on search engines

BP has bought oil spill search terms on popular search engines to help
combat their less than ideal image. Links at the top of a search for
‘oil spill’ speeds you to BP’s website to detail how they are working
on battling the disaster and how they can help you if you are

At Renascence IT Consulting, Inc. not only do we build your company’s
network and infrastructure, but we can assist in building your
company’s image on the web; whether it is a founding or floundering
business; through analytic, search engine placement and social
networking we can help build your brand online.

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Print to your work FROM YOUR PHONE!?

HP is set to unveil a set of printers that allows users to set an
email address for it. The purpose is to allow people to send an email
to the printer from their phone and have it waiting for them at the
office or to get that all important sales report in while still
wheeling and dealing that last client.

At Renascence IT Consulting, Inc. we will let you know if this is the
best use of technology, and whether you should adopt it now, 6 months
down the road, or wait and see if it is the next Beta-Max or HD
player. Also, we will tell you if there are any security issues with
having an email address connected with a printer inside your office.

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How to Block Pop-ups


For your Friday, we present the best way to block Pop-ups of sorts.

At Renascence IT Consulting, Inc. not only do we understand your
computer problems, we also can work with people who might not be tech
savvy all the way up to people at your company that should NOT be tech
savvy. Contact us if you wish to have a more humane way of dealing
with your IT needs for your small business.

Migration saves company 50% on email costs

We just finished moving a client from a “big name” web host to Gmail
Apps Premier today. In the process, users gained 250X more space for
their email, they have a better web interface, a suite of
collaboration tools, sharable calendars and, most importantly, this is
on a stable platform that does not go down once a week like their
previous system.

Whether it is hosting Exchange in house, using a third party to house
your email or other means, at Renascence IT Consulting, Inc. we
examine your needs and propose solutions that will best suit your
budget, increase productivity, and cut costs.

Contact us today if you are stuck in an email labyrinth!

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Internet Explorer 6 drops in usage, Chrome Rises

Internet Explorer 6 has dropped below 5% in usage in the United States
as newer versions of Explorer and other browsers are gaining in

At Renascence IT Consulting, we examine the newer browsers to make
sure they work well with your business and protect you from threats
that attack older browsers. Should you upgrade from Internet Explorer
6? Most definitely, but if you need to know what makes the most sense,
please email or call us!

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