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STOP using PC Anywhere!

Recently, hackers got into Symantec and downloaded source code for older versions of their anti-virus product. They also got a hold of the code for PC-Anywhere. It is a program that allows you to remote into your systems from other locations. However, there are several vulnerabilities with this program and with the recent acquisition of this code by hackers, there is a genuine fear of unwanted individuals getting access to machines.

If you have the program, please uninstall it. There are several other programs and services (many free) that serve a similar purpose. At Renascence IT, we can recommend what would fit for your company. If you don't know if you have PC Anywhere, contact us and we can promptly assist!

More on the actual alert:


The End of Qwerty?

Keyboards have been around for over 100 years. They have been great for laptops, desktops, and typewriters. However as phones are being used to create emails, chat, and socialize, the keyboard either is an attached device that adds weight or it takes up valuable on screen real estate for the user to type. This is where a new program called Snapkeys enters. It is an app for the iPhone and Android that allows you to type on the side of the screen in an intuitive fashion! 

At Renascence IT Consulting, we don't only look at your business IT needs, we also look at ways at how to make your business more productive. Whether it is new apps, or free programs that can help your company's efficiency. Contact us to work with your particular company and its needs to make it more successful.

Do You Know Your Cyberthreats?

Worm, virus, and trojan (horse). Do you know the difference? How about what phishing is or when a patch comes out to block a SQL injection? Much like the real world, knowing what can hurt and possibly fatally kill your company is the first step to prevention. Just as knowing to wash your hands after using a restroom to prevent sickness, understanding these terms are allows you to understand how to combat problems faster.

At Renascence IT, we have decades of experience dealing with all of the internet's darker side. We are constantly on top of the newest ways that cyber criminals are trying to part your sensitive data from your company. Contact us if you need to decipher or assist what is going on with your network.

Glossary of Cyber Threats: