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25% of malware infects by USB drives

Have a USB drive keeping your documents safe and backed up? Keep a small USB key with family photos that you can plug in anywhere and show friends? Well, think twice about using it as a new report from Pandalabs suggests that up to 25% of malware use portable drives to deliver its payload. 

Can you protect yourself from your own USB drive? Is there a way to block employees from using USB keys on company computers and possibly infect the entire network? At Renascence IT Consulting, Inc. we are aware of the different malware programs, and ways to remove them from your system. We also know how to secure your network as much as you need for the price you can afford. 

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Prevent Burnout from your Company

There haven't been many posts the last week as I took a week off to get away from it all. It allowed me to detox from the computer world and allow me some clear sight on my personal and business goals. The article linked below gives some great advice that does not only apply to the IT World but the entire business world. If you are someone you work with is at 'burnout', be sure to read the piece.

At Renascence IT Consulting, Inc. we take the burden of the computer world and managing your network off your hands so you don't burn out. You can then concentrate on what is important to you in your life, be it work, family, or other activities. If you feel the added stress of viruses, computer hardware, email and servers is ready to consume you, then call or email us and we can help dial that down for you. After all, can you put a price or an ROI on your own personal health?

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Which Browser is Best?

A new review of the most popular browsers is out and they all get passing marks. Depending on the needs of the user, each has there benefits and drawbacks. 

Which browser, software or operating system is best for your company? At Renascence IT Consulting, Inc. we can sit down and find the best products for your company at a price that works for your budget. Email or call us for a free consultation!

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Certify Business Savvy IT Professionals

An interesting article out of PC World suggests that people should be certified for their ability to utilize multiple IT roles in a business environment. This would be done instead of certifications on specific platforms or products that could isolate a function a person could perform inside a company. Also, certifications in Microsoft or Cisco does not equate to working with people or relating the cost of hardware to a non-technical manager or President of a company. 

For Renascence IT Consulting, Inc. we are the best of both worlds. Our technicians have the technical certifications that matter, college credentials to understand the theory behind computing, attend seminars and read IT-related news feeds to stay ahead the overwhelming wave of technology. However, we also understand the language of business and customer service. We know that the accounting person or CFO may not know RAID from a can of Raid, but we can explain how it can save the company money, bring a return on investment, and even save the business from ruin. We are here to walk your company through the IT quagmire and can explain concepts and train your employees; whether it is the engineer, receptionist or President of the company. Each person, job, and company is different. With our decades of experience in business, we know how to approach each business in its own unique way.

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Best Way to Steal Company Secrets Is By Asking

A conference of hackers in Las Vegas were able to break into some of the most hallowed corporations, not by some programs or techniques, but by using the telephone. Consultants were able to call these companies and by talking to people on the other end, were able to get sensitive information within 20 minutes.

The biggest cause of network security issues at a company is not malware, viruses or attacks from the outside; it is from people you employ. Companies need to learn how to train employees on the threats of giving out passwords, logins, and other sensitive information. Renascence IT Consulting, Inc. recognizes that not all the work we need to do is with a computer. We understand that time needs to be taken to train employees on new functions, and how to avoid falling into these social security traps. If you want to learn more, feel free to call or email us. You can find us at

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Shortcut Flaw Patched ASAP by Microsoft

Microsoft released a fix before its monthly patch releases due to the severity of the issue. Hackers can use the Windows Shell to distribute nasty code that exploits Windows desktop shortcuts. The biggest problem? One need not to click the shortcut for the malicious code to activate. With the seriousness of the flaw, it has been patched immediately. If you see the Windows Update beckoning you to run it, do so immediately!

At Renascence IT Consulting, Inc. we stay on top of the latest patches from Microsoft and other vendors to keep your company safe and allow you to do what is best; run your company. If you need to have more time to worry less about your IT issues, email or call us. You can find out more at

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