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4G hype or the next BIG G?

We can now surf the web and check videos faster thanks to 3G, but with
Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and even AT&T, making claims to a new 4G
network, is this something that your business should encompass?

Renascence IT Consulting, Inc. can help you make the right decisions,
whether it is network, server, desktop, or even mobile. Contact us if
you want to keep your company at the cutting edge, without having to
cut costs.

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Security Apps for your Mobile Device?

Symantec is releasing a security app for Android phones that allows
you to remotely wipe and kill your phone in case you lose it. In
addition it will keep tabs on any malware that tries to zombie your
‘droid. Furthermore, it will keep an eye on apps that you try to
install and alert you if one is not what it claims to do.

Other apps in the works by Symantec includes a way for Android and
iPhones to connect to data on cloud based storage systems like Norton

Renascence IT Consulting continues to scour the net for ways to
increase your productivity with your mobile devices. We can let you
know if these apps are worth the money, or if there are better
programs for your devices.

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Has your browser been tabnapped?

A new way to try and extort passwords from you has been found. It is
being called tabnapped. Essentially, a link will send you to a
malicious web site that is not detectable. The difference is that it
will inject code into your browser to change one of your tabs that you
have open to what looks like a sign-in screen to your email, bank
account, or other sensitive website. You go back to a tab later and
see what appears to be your Gmail login screen, but actually has now
stolen your credentials. This attack relies on the fact that people
keep many tabs open at once and, memory being fallible, that you will
forget what you previously had open and will enter in your passwords
and other information that can be used for nefarious purposes.

At Renascence IT Consulting Inc. we constantly look at what are new
threats to your business from both programs and code, to socially
engineered ways of trying to crack your financial or proprietary

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Secure Your Facebook Settings

With more and more companies (ours included) using Facebook to inform,
advertise, and sell your services, do you really know what is safe
from prying eyes and what isn’t? How does your OWN Facebook account
fare keeping what you want private? Facebook has over 50 settings with
150 options dealing with this, and you are expected to know how each
setting affects what is out there on the internet? Thankfully, if you
go to, it has a way of checking in just a few
seconds what could be troublesome and includes ways to correct
anything you don’t (or want) seen.

At Renascence IT Consulting, Inc. we take your privacy AND your
network security seriously. If you have any questions or concerns
about your infrastructure, feel free to email us and we can assist you

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HP recalls laptop batteries that pose fire danger

HP is recalling batteries in more than 30 laptop models that could
overheat and pose a fire danger. These include Presario, Pavilion, and
Compaq models.

Renascence IT continues to keep its eye on what laptops are best for
your business and individual needs. This includes making sure that the
laptop you choose doesn’t go up in smoke or burn down your company.

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Smartphone sales skyrocket in 2010

The good old days of having a PDA and a mobile phone as separate
devices are over. With HP’s buyout of Palm, a new era of smartphones
makes it possible to have a truly portable office on your hip or in
your pocket. Companies are realizing this and that is why sales are up
49% in the first quarter of 2010 of this amazing devices.

Renascence IT understands new technologies and the need to access
email, calendaring, and contacts while on the go. We can recommend the
best devices on the market, and how they can be integrated into your
company at a budget that doesn’t make your accountant ring your phone
off the hook!

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Will your car soon need an anti-virus program?

With technology going at a lightning pace, companies are concerned now
that hackers can kill or alter electronic components on automobile.
They can cut your brakes, change speedometer readings, and more. With
Renascence IT, we cannot say that we will make sure your company car
runs smoothly, but we are constantly alert to new security issues in
the world and bring them to your attention.

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Windows 7 Compatibility Checker might be a trojan

Please be careful of any email about checking your system for Windows
7 Compatibility.

The scammers steal their marketing text directly from Microsoft, which
offers a legitimate Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor in its Web site.

“Find out if your PC can run Windows 7,” the e-mails read, echoing
Microsoft’s Web page. “This software scans your PC for potential
issues with your hardware, devices, and installed programs, and
recommends what to do before you upgrade.”

Users who try to install the attached, zipped file end up with a
back-door Trojan horse program on their computer. BitDefender
identifies the program as Trojan.Generic.3783603, the same one that’s
being used in a fake Facebook password reset campaign.

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