Has your browser been tabnapped?

A new way to try and extort passwords from you has been found. It is
being called tabnapped. Essentially, a link will send you to a
malicious web site that is not detectable. The difference is that it
will inject code into your browser to change one of your tabs that you
have open to what looks like a sign-in screen to your email, bank
account, or other sensitive website. You go back to a tab later and
see what appears to be your Gmail login screen, but actually has now
stolen your credentials. This attack relies on the fact that people
keep many tabs open at once and, memory being fallible, that you will
forget what you previously had open and will enter in your passwords
and other information that can be used for nefarious purposes.

At Renascence IT Consulting Inc. we constantly look at what are new
threats to your business from both programs and code, to socially
engineered ways of trying to crack your financial or proprietary

More on tabnapping:



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