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Renascence IT Appears in Vertical Systems Reseller Magazine

As a Managed Service Provider, finding the right tools to service your customers can be a very daunting task. There are many different options for supporting the back end of your company, while maintaining optimal service for your clients. For us, it took close to two years and many less than successful products to finally find the ones that worked for our company, and our customers. One of the main sticking points for me has been that I need to have good communication with those providers. If there is a problem with a product, I need to have a rapid response so that it does not affect my support, and to a bigger extent, the trust I have established with businesses who depend on us.

It was not an easy journey as it cost us many hundreds of hours of installing, testing, making a decision to not continue with a product, and ripping it out to try again with another ‘touted’ vendor. At Renascence IT Consulting, we care about the integrity and performance of the tools we use and constantly re-evaluate them to make sure we are offering the best in class services you, the client, deserves.

Article about our Journey with Communicating Past Hurdles:


Ransomware is Big Businesss for Criminals but Big Cost for Businesses

An article from reports that cyber-thieves are making a mint off your computers and your pain. They can make over 1500% when investing in ransomware software and deploying it on a vulnerable website. Ransomware is malware that, when installed, will encrypt your machine (and possibly an entire network) and hold it hostage. Victims are forced to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars to recover their data from the encryption as well as lost time for their own business as well as credibility. It is estimated that criminals can purchase a "kit" for $5900 and, if deployed properly on a website, can rake in over $90,000 a month in holding a company or individual’s files hostage.

At Renascence IT Consulting, we have seen ransomware first hand from companies who call us in a panic. This costs them thousands of dollars in sales and/or productivity, not to mention the amount of time to restore their data, if possible. We prefer a proactive strategy with our managed services. We use industry leading anti-virus and anti-malware to stop known ransomware before it gets installed. However, since criminals are constantly working to circumvent those products, we ALSO use screening techniques prevent it from running properly if it DOES happen to get around protection hardware and software. We make sure that clients have proper backups not only for this but for other disasters that may strike a company, whether natural or man-made.

If you feel like your business could be held for ransom, please contact us for more information.

More about the Ransomware: