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Beginning of the end for Blackberry?

Blackberry's creators, Research in Motion, reported losses in Q1 which resulted in its shares dropping over 17% in extended trading. For those of you owning a Blackberry, it might be one of the final ones you possess. After owning the market for a long period of time, many feel that Research in Motion rested on their laurels and got behind on technology while Apple and Google surpassed them. Developers are writing more for alternative devices and less for the Blackberry as they see their own profits drying up on the once-popular 'Crackberry'. 

At Renascence IT Consulting, we know that each company has needs which may require specific mobile devices. Contact us and we will give you the '411' for your company, based on price, features, and of course, operating system you need. Whether it is a Droid, an iPhone, or a Blackberry, we will set it up to synchronize with your business immediately.  

Fake Anti-virus Programs Harder to Determine from Real Ones

20 Million new pieces of Malware were released in 2010, and a big group is fake Anti-Virus programs. These pieces of malware get installed to cripple your system and then demand that in order to "fix" the infections, you need to pay to "purchase" their software to fix the issues. Many are getting harder to recognize as they look more like Windows or other vendor's programs. McAfee has released a list of the Dirty Dozen of malicious anti-virus software. If you see any of these trying to install, immediately close any pop-ups windows or other options they are providing to get access to your system.

At Renascence IT Consulting, we have seen many companies lose working hours dealing with these anti-virus infections. They slow computers and cause disruptions, but can lead to siphoning of personal and/or company information at the worst. In the past week, we had to deal with two machines running a "Windows Recovery" program that appeared to be Microsoft software, but lead to problems. We have run into the Dirty Dozen list before and know how to correct these problems as quickly as possible. If you are concerned that a machine at your company may have a problem with malware, contact us and we will correct these and any other issues with your business' IT infrastructure.

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Wardrivers Driving Information from Small Businesses

Police in a large metropolitan city have been pursuing a specific group of criminals known as wardrivers stealing information from small businesses. The group uses businesses' weak wireless security to steal credit card and other personal information. Seattle Police state that the estimated cost from just this one criminal organization was over $750,000.

Do you know how secure your network is? Are you using wireless as a convenience for your employees or as a benefit to customers who visit? Your data is travelling over the air and possibly into malicious hands. At Renascence IT Consulting, we know people can crack a weak wireless router in under 30 seconds. Contact us to see if your business is leaking sensitive data out of its walls. 

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How to VPN in Windows 7

Windows 7's interface has completely been redone. In many respects, it is simpler, but it can lead to confusion on where certain familiar settings have been placed. Where is the Run option? How do I sort files in this new interface? How do I connect to my company's VPN? 

All of these will be answered. The first in a series of video tutorials by the Renascence IT Consulting team can be found on YouTube. We will be adding more in the weeks to come. Be sure to check it out.

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Need to register on a website but afraid of Spam?

You found a website you want to explore, but in order to get to the good parts, you need to enter your email address in order to get a registration code. Afraid of entering your company email address to be hit up with offers, third party services, or even spam? Now you can create a temporary email address that you can use for 10 minutes before it disappears; for free! This way, you can get access to what you need, without them getting access to you or your company.

At Renascence IT Consulting, Inc. we understand that your company may need information on sites that require registration. We also understand that putting in your company's email address can lead to a flood of spam, or even worse, malware links. We are constantly looking out for ways that you can protect your company without costing you a huge security budget. Email or contact us if you need an IT company that understands your small business, because we are a small business too!

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Which sites can you trust your Privacy with?

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has come out with a list of websites that keep your information private and which ones squeal to the government with the laziest prod. Amazon, Twitter, and Google rank the highest from the survey. Facebook, Apple, Comcast, Skype and Yahoo were in the low end of scoring. Results were judges based on revelation by companies to people about government requests of data, issue reports on frequency of such requests by government officials, and/or fighting orders in court on users' behalf. 

At Renascence IT Consulting, Inc. we know you need to keep your privacy to yourself. Whether it is malware trying to pry it from your hard drives, employees revealing proprietary information willingly or otherwise, or hackers trying to brute force their way into your network, we are aware of the new as well as the tried and true methods of trying to bring your company to a halt. We work with your users and your budget to make sure your data is kept behind locked doors, unlike some of the websites mentioned above.

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Toshiba Releasing Self-Wiping Drives

Toshiba announced they are releasing hard drives that will erase sensitive data if they are connected to a different machine than their original. Commands can be issued that will wipe data on command, after every power cycle, or a certain number of invalid login attempts are logged. Data can also be specifically destroyed dependent on company's security requirements.

At Renascence IT Consulting, Inc. we understand that your proprietary, client, financial and/or patient data is they key to your company's success or failure. We take the issue of IT security seriously, and will present a variety of options that fit your price point to make sure your data stays with you. Email or contact us for more information.

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Skype for Android Taking More Than Phone Calls?

Skype acknowledged a vulnerability in their Android App that could allow users to have their data taken from their Android devices. They are working on a fix for their application and will have it out shortly.

As mobile devices become more like computers and hold sensitive data, the risk is raised of having that data fall into nefarious groups. At Renascence IT Consulting, Inc. we are are aware of the various ways your data can be accessed and how you can defend your business without killing your bottom line. Contact us for more information or for a free consultation.

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