Beginning of the end for Blackberry?

Blackberry's creators, Research in Motion, reported losses in Q1 which resulted in its shares dropping over 17% in extended trading. For those of you owning a Blackberry, it might be one of the final ones you possess. After owning the market for a long period of time, many feel that Research in Motion rested on their laurels and got behind on technology while Apple and Google surpassed them. Developers are writing more for alternative devices and less for the Blackberry as they see their own profits drying up on the once-popular 'Crackberry'. 

At Renascence IT Consulting, we know that each company has needs which may require specific mobile devices. Contact us and we will give you the '411' for your company, based on price, features, and of course, operating system you need. Whether it is a Droid, an iPhone, or a Blackberry, we will set it up to synchronize with your business immediately.  

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