Gas Prices Driving People to Use Information Superhighway More

With gas prices reaching close to $4.50 in the Bay Area, the consideration to allow people to telecommute is brought to the forefront once again. In a recent survey, employees were willing to take up to a 10% pay cut to be allowed to telecommute instead of driving into an office. This not only reduces travel time and waiting for your workers to start a business day because they are stuck in traffic, it allows them to be more productive without stressing over higher gas costs.

At Renascence IT Consulting, we are on the look out for convenient and inexpensive ways we can increase the productivity of your company. Whether it is setting up remote offices, remote connections, or giving you the piece of mind of storing your company data remotely, we can find a budget-friendly way to achieve these goals for you. Contact us for more information or an assessment. 

More on telecommuting:


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