Do you backup your website?

An interesting situation happened to our company last week. A friend of ours had their website hacked and malicious content placed on it. We, unfortunately, did not setup their site, but were brought in to try and rectify the situation. One of the first things we asked was, "is it being backed up?" The company that had done the work for them did not take the few minutes to actually setup the site to backup on a regular basis. This would have saved much billable time and heartache, for the site could have been deleted, and then a slightly older one be restored. 

How does your website reflect your company? If it was suddenly down for a day, two days, a week, would it affect your business and revenue to your company? If a potential client typed in your web address on a browser and was met with a red screen stating it is a malicious site, would that affect people's perspective about your business? At Renascence IT Consulting, we consider how something as simple, and free, as a backup of a website, may one day save your company in a crisis. If you are concerned about your website's, or any other part of your infrastructure's, backup policy, contact us.

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