Fake Patch Email from Microsoft

Patching computers has become a necessity in today's world. Computers without the latest updates leave vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit and compromise a machine or network. Now, there is an email 'seemingly' going out from Microsoft alerting users to download a patch, and includes a link to this 'fix'. Unfortunately, the email and the link are fake, instead causing harm to an individual's system if they click on the link. Microsoft will NEVER email individual users about a patch directly. Instead, patches and updates can be automatically downloaded and installed on a Microsoft Operating System, or a user can go to Microsoft's update website to look at, and download needed fixes.

Renascence IT Consulting has seen the gambit of fake, malicious, and clever ways hackers and groups try to gain control of information or access to a business' systems. If you are concerned with an email, or if your network has acted odd lately, contact us and we can dig you out of hacker hell.

More on the Fake email:


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