Sign documents without printer, scanner, fax, and pen?

As a small business owner, I deal with a lot of documents that need to be signed. Contracts, legal papers, documents all require me to sign. I have to print the document, sign it, and then either scan and email, fax, or meet the person face to face. I just found out about a cool (and our favorite four letter word, free) website that eliminates this process. It is called You upload a document to their server. You then sign your side using the on screen pen or text. You then put in the email address of the other person, and optional password. They will now receive an email and can sign their side. When done, you download the document from the SignNow server and it is erased from them. No more wasted paper or time, and all legally binding!

At Renascence IT Consulting, we are a small business. We are always on the look out for free or nearly free programs and websites that can help our a company without sacrificing security or sensitive information. If you are in need of some help, whether it is network, desktop or cloud based, contact us and we can assist you without breaking the bank.

Sign Now Website:


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