With Economy Down, Time to switch to Free Operating Systems?

With the economy having so many issues, is this a good time for your business to consider free software? Many are pointing that switching from Windows to a linux desktop may solve some business woes in the financial department. However, there is a learning curve involved when trying to have people switch from one operating system to another. One only needs to look at the changes just from Windows XP to Windows 7, or Office 2003 to Office 2010 to see the hills many people had to overcome. 

At Renascence IT, we are comfortable with Windows, Macs and linux systems. We can make recommendations on when free is better than paid software and when an investment in particular hardware or software might pay off more than something that is gratis. Feel free to contact us on how we can examine your company's IT structure and save you some money in these uncertain economic times.

More on free operating systems:


1 thought on “With Economy Down, Time to switch to Free Operating Systems?

  1. Iv’e got to say, my $100 IBM X60 laptop paired to a $100 SSD runs Ubuntu as well as any modern machine can. The same couldn’t be said of Windows 7 on the same computer. It really has to do with what applications a user needs. I don’t game, but can still run Inkscape just fine. However, the limited amount of RAM does prevent me from doing any virtualization. What I really want to point out is that free software can help save on hardware costs as well in certain scenarios.

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