Laptop Battery Hacked to Stop Working

You may have seen posts in the past about malware, viruses and phishing, but this one is truly inventive. A security researcher was able to hack into an Apple laptop's battery and permanently disable, or "brick" it. No matter what is done afterwards, it cannot be used any longer. The way into doing this is through a chip found on all laptop batteries that tells a laptop how to operate with various operating systems and boot sequences. However, this person was able to get into the chip and put code on it to make it permanently dead. 

With the various threats out in the world, sometimes the worst attacks are the ones we don't know about. Whether it is a way to make your smartphone feed information to hackers or something that can make your $2000 laptop useless, Renascence IT Consulting is constantly up to date on these and other issues. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about security for your network or how to use your current resources for the best ROI.

More on the laptop battery issues:


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