Yes, Your Droid or iPhone Can Get Infected!

Many people think that since their iPhone or Droid is a phone, it can't get malware or viruses like a computer. That is completely wrong. It is estimated that by next year 5% of all smartphones will be hit with malicious code or install an infected app. With these kinds of statistics, small businesses need to consider training their employees that their business phone should be treated like a computer, because essentially, it is a computer. 

At Renascence IT Consulting, we know of the problems and issues that can result from an infected machine, be it Windows, Mac, iPhone, or Blackberry. In this day and age, some extra precautions on a company phone that has sensitive or financial login information for your business, can prevent lost business time and money down the road. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

More on the Smartphone viruses:


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