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Is Your Company Safe from a Disaster?

With the recent earthquakes and Irene bearing down on major cities on the East Coast, many forget about their company during these stressful times. However, it is during times like these that after a disaster stikes, that there is still company information to come back to. Whether or not you have fair warning of a disaster, are you prepared for its aftermath? Do you backup your data regularly? Do you have all the company logins, passwords, and vendor information at the ready for when you return? 

Renascence IT Consulting understands that a disaster that hits your physical office does not mean a disaster within the office as a result. We are up to date on backup software, uninterrupted battery supplies, and keeping documentation of your business network. If you are concerned if an earthquake, flood, hurricane, or other act of nature (or man) could spell the end of your company, contact us for a free evaluation.

Disaster Checklist:


IBM States PCs Going the Way of the Typewriter

The days of using a laptop or desktop for your work and home are going
the way of the typewriter, according to IBM. Their CTO, Mark Dean, who
was one of the designers of the first IBM PC back in 1981 said
personal computers are “going the way of the vacuum tube, typewriter,
vinyl records, CRT and incandescent light bulbs.” With smart phones
and tablets becoming smaller, and more powerful, there are arguments
that all we will need is a small device that we can type on or plug
into a unit to use a keyboard and monitor when needed.”

Renascence IT Consulting knows about today’s technology being
tomorrow’s museum pieces. This is why we are constantly at the
forefront of advances made in smartphones, cloud computing, VoIP, and
other markets that would prove beneficial to a small business. If you
are interested in discussing whether your desktop should go the way of
the dinosaur or what solutions might help you in the bottom line, feel
free to contact us for a free evaluation.

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With Economy Down, Time to switch to Free Operating Systems?

With the economy having so many issues, is this a good time for your business to consider free software? Many are pointing that switching from Windows to a linux desktop may solve some business woes in the financial department. However, there is a learning curve involved when trying to have people switch from one operating system to another. One only needs to look at the changes just from Windows XP to Windows 7, or Office 2003 to Office 2010 to see the hills many people had to overcome. 

At Renascence IT, we are comfortable with Windows, Macs and linux systems. We can make recommendations on when free is better than paid software and when an investment in particular hardware or software might pay off more than something that is gratis. Feel free to contact us on how we can examine your company's IT structure and save you some money in these uncertain economic times.

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