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Windows 8 in 2012!?

Have you got used to Windows 7 yet? Are you still running Vista or even XP? Well get ready as Windows 8 is set to debut in 2012. While specifics have not been revealed, it is suggested that the Operating System will get a user interface refresh. This whole new version comes only 3 years after Windows 7 was released. 

Is your company still on Windows XP? Are you reeling from your decision to move your business to Vista? Do you like Windows 7, but wonder if you should wait to make the jump to Windows 8? We have the answers to these and all of your other operating systems questions at Renascence IT Consulting, Inc. We can tell you which operating system will give you the best bang for your dollar and which ones can leak sensitive data to malicious sources. Contact us for these or any other technology questions you might have.

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1 out of 14 Downloads is Malicious

A new statistic from Microsoft states that one out of every 14 downloads by Windows user is of malicious software. There was a time that browsers could be exploited to gain access to a computer, but hackers have found a new way to attack users; by social engineering. An example is someone on Facebook receives an email from a friend to look at a video. That person goes to view the video, but is told they have to download a video player. The video player is actually malicious software that now installs on the computer. If this is an employee at your business, the hacker could now have access to proprietary, financial, or other sensitive data.

At Renascence IT Consulting, we have seen many machines get infected, even by the most diligent of users. There are methods of making sure your company is not one of the statistics. Via teaching users about being cognizant of downloads and using technologies to block employees from using social websites at work, there are ways to lock down your company. If you have concerns or want to know more, contact us!

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Now Offering Web Design & Branding Services

Trust us when we say that we know firsthand how difficult it can be to find “talented” graphic designers at a reasonable price! Being the full-service consultancy that we are, we decided to offer clients the use of our own in-house design team to augment their internal marketing efforts. Whether it’s business cards, websites, advertising or updating your identity and brand …we can help! 

Visit our site for a list of services and to view our portfolio.

Sign documents without printer, scanner, fax, and pen?

As a small business owner, I deal with a lot of documents that need to be signed. Contracts, legal papers, documents all require me to sign. I have to print the document, sign it, and then either scan and email, fax, or meet the person face to face. I just found out about a cool (and our favorite four letter word, free) website that eliminates this process. It is called You upload a document to their server. You then sign your side using the on screen pen or text. You then put in the email address of the other person, and optional password. They will now receive an email and can sign their side. When done, you download the document from the SignNow server and it is erased from them. No more wasted paper or time, and all legally binding!

At Renascence IT Consulting, we are a small business. We are always on the look out for free or nearly free programs and websites that can help our a company without sacrificing security or sensitive information. If you are in need of some help, whether it is network, desktop or cloud based, contact us and we can assist you without breaking the bank.

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Fake Patch Email from Microsoft

Patching computers has become a necessity in today's world. Computers without the latest updates leave vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit and compromise a machine or network. Now, there is an email 'seemingly' going out from Microsoft alerting users to download a patch, and includes a link to this 'fix'. Unfortunately, the email and the link are fake, instead causing harm to an individual's system if they click on the link. Microsoft will NEVER email individual users about a patch directly. Instead, patches and updates can be automatically downloaded and installed on a Microsoft Operating System, or a user can go to Microsoft's update website to look at, and download needed fixes.

Renascence IT Consulting has seen the gambit of fake, malicious, and clever ways hackers and groups try to gain control of information or access to a business' systems. If you are concerned with an email, or if your network has acted odd lately, contact us and we can dig you out of hacker hell.

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Do you backup your website?

An interesting situation happened to our company last week. A friend of ours had their website hacked and malicious content placed on it. We, unfortunately, did not setup their site, but were brought in to try and rectify the situation. One of the first things we asked was, "is it being backed up?" The company that had done the work for them did not take the few minutes to actually setup the site to backup on a regular basis. This would have saved much billable time and heartache, for the site could have been deleted, and then a slightly older one be restored. 

How does your website reflect your company? If it was suddenly down for a day, two days, a week, would it affect your business and revenue to your company? If a potential client typed in your web address on a browser and was met with a red screen stating it is a malicious site, would that affect people's perspective about your business? At Renascence IT Consulting, we consider how something as simple, and free, as a backup of a website, may one day save your company in a crisis. If you are concerned about your website's, or any other part of your infrastructure's, backup policy, contact us.

Gas Prices Driving People to Use Information Superhighway More

With gas prices reaching close to $4.50 in the Bay Area, the consideration to allow people to telecommute is brought to the forefront once again. In a recent survey, employees were willing to take up to a 10% pay cut to be allowed to telecommute instead of driving into an office. This not only reduces travel time and waiting for your workers to start a business day because they are stuck in traffic, it allows them to be more productive without stressing over higher gas costs.

At Renascence IT Consulting, we are on the look out for convenient and inexpensive ways we can increase the productivity of your company. Whether it is setting up remote offices, remote connections, or giving you the piece of mind of storing your company data remotely, we can find a budget-friendly way to achieve these goals for you. Contact us for more information or an assessment. 

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