Windows 8 in 2012!?

Have you got used to Windows 7 yet? Are you still running Vista or even XP? Well get ready as Windows 8 is set to debut in 2012. While specifics have not been revealed, it is suggested that the Operating System will get a user interface refresh. This whole new version comes only 3 years after Windows 7 was released. 

Is your company still on Windows XP? Are you reeling from your decision to move your business to Vista? Do you like Windows 7, but wonder if you should wait to make the jump to Windows 8? We have the answers to these and all of your other operating systems questions at Renascence IT Consulting, Inc. We can tell you which operating system will give you the best bang for your dollar and which ones can leak sensitive data to malicious sources. Contact us for these or any other technology questions you might have.

More on Windows 8:


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