Spear Phishing on the increase

A way to get users to install crimeware on their computers, hackers are using spear phishing tactics to commit illegal acts on the internet. Spear phishing is targeting individuals inside companies as opposed to regular phishing that sends thousands of emails out in a scatter shot method. People respond better to an email from a "friend" that emails them by name to download an 'important' piece of software that, when done, allows the phisher to control that machine. Malware, once installed, can be used to gather passwords, steal company information, and even be used to commit attacks against other targeted systems on the same network or on the internet. 

At Renascence IT Consulting, we are aware of the new methods of social engineered attacks on companies. It is not simply downloading a virus or clicking a link that can get someone at your business involved with malicious software any longer. We are aware of the many facets that can lead to your company information being leaked out of your protected network. Contact us if you have questions or concerns about your company.

More on Spear Phishing:


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