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Is USB destroying YOUR company?

A recent study by Kingston, a memory manufacturer, has shown that the majority of employees misusing USB drives at the workplace, most of the time unknowingly. In a survey of 451 IT staff in the UK, 73% had observed that USB drives were being used unauthorized by the company, and 72% had experienced users who lost drives with company data but failed to report the loss. 

A company can spend millions of dollars to protect their outside and systems from external problems, but many don't realize the biggest threat to a company comes from their own employees, most of the time due to lack of education on proper ways to use a business computer. If you are concerned that your data may be lost in a subway cushion somewhere, or that an associate unwittingly brought malware into the business by plugging in a benign USB key, then contact us. We have worked with different sized companies in different industries and can work with you to not only lock down your network, but also, and more importantly, explain to your employees good computer practices that could save you your business down the road.

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Facebook Denies Vulnerability Then Quietly Fixes It

A vulnerability that was at first denied by Facebook has been fixed. It allowed someone to send someone else on Facebook an executable file, even if the two were not friends. The problem is that this could be used for a phishing, or targeted attack. The file could be malicious software that then allows someone to immediately have access to the victim's computer, network, and data. Facebook has since locked this down.

With this vulnerability locked down, does it mean your company should allow its employees to use Facebook? Like anything in life, this social networking portal can be used to promote your company, and drive up sales, but it could also be a way for malicious forces to have easy access to your network and sensitive information. How do you balance the two? At Renascence IT Consulting, we are wary of Facebook, but use it for our own marketing purposes. If you are interested on how we struck this chord, contact us for more information or other IT related help you may need.

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