1 out of 14 Downloads is Malicious

A new statistic from Microsoft states that one out of every 14 downloads by Windows user is of malicious software. There was a time that browsers could be exploited to gain access to a computer, but hackers have found a new way to attack users; by social engineering. An example is someone on Facebook receives an email from a friend to look at a video. That person goes to view the video, but is told they have to download a video player. The video player is actually malicious software that now installs on the computer. If this is an employee at your business, the hacker could now have access to proprietary, financial, or other sensitive data.

At Renascence IT Consulting, we have seen many machines get infected, even by the most diligent of users. There are methods of making sure your company is not one of the statistics. Via teaching users about being cognizant of downloads and using technologies to block employees from using social websites at work, there are ways to lock down your company. If you have concerns or want to know more, contact us!

More on the malicious downloads:


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