Fake Anti-virus Programs Harder to Determine from Real Ones

20 Million new pieces of Malware were released in 2010, and a big group is fake Anti-Virus programs. These pieces of malware get installed to cripple your system and then demand that in order to "fix" the infections, you need to pay to "purchase" their software to fix the issues. Many are getting harder to recognize as they look more like Windows or other vendor's programs. McAfee has released a list of the Dirty Dozen of malicious anti-virus software. If you see any of these trying to install, immediately close any pop-ups windows or other options they are providing to get access to your system.

At Renascence IT Consulting, we have seen many companies lose working hours dealing with these anti-virus infections. They slow computers and cause disruptions, but can lead to siphoning of personal and/or company information at the worst. In the past week, we had to deal with two machines running a "Windows Recovery" program that appeared to be Microsoft software, but lead to problems. We have run into the Dirty Dozen list before and know how to correct these problems as quickly as possible. If you are concerned that a machine at your company may have a problem with malware, contact us and we will correct these and any other issues with your business' IT infrastructure.

More on the Dirty Dozen Malware:


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