Which sites can you trust your Privacy with?

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has come out with a list of websites that keep your information private and which ones squeal to the government with the laziest prod. Amazon, Twitter, and Google rank the highest from the survey. Facebook, Apple, Comcast, Skype and Yahoo were in the low end of scoring. Results were judges based on revelation by companies to people about government requests of data, issue reports on frequency of such requests by government officials, and/or fighting orders in court on users' behalf. 

At Renascence IT Consulting, Inc. we know you need to keep your privacy to yourself. Whether it is malware trying to pry it from your hard drives, employees revealing proprietary information willingly or otherwise, or hackers trying to brute force their way into your network, we are aware of the new as well as the tried and true methods of trying to bring your company to a halt. We work with your users and your budget to make sure your data is kept behind locked doors, unlike some of the websites mentioned above.

More on the list:

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