New Scam has “Microsoft” calling you about a virus

A new scam has emerged in England that could find its way to America. You may receive a phone call from someone claiming they are from Microsoft and they detected a virus on your system. You will need to pay money (in England its 185 pounds) to go to a website and download a program to "remove" the virus. The website looks authenticate with Microsoft and McAfee approving of it. These are not legitimate and will not only drain you of your money, but the software could leave you open to other scams or actually infecting your computer with malware.

At Renascence IT Consulting, Inc. we look out for scams and malignant software that threaten to cost your company money and time. If you ever need an opinion (or second opinion) on hardware, software, or anything else IT-related, don't hesitate to call or email us. Trust is a hard commodity in the business world, but once established, can be profitable for both companies in the long run.

More on the scam:


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