How to save your company money on bills

Keeping up to date on many different news outlets (online and television), one occasionally finds an interesting nugget of gold. This website,, allows you to save your home AND business money. How? You enter your phone (land and cell), internet, and/or television (cable and satellite) bills and they will work with the provider in lowering your service charges without your intervention at all. They are not a bill collector or debt reduction service. You pay NOTHING unless they can save you over $100 and then they only charge you $50. Many people claim they have saved their home and businesses hundreds of dollars a month. They are posted with the Better Business Bureau and Verisign so your information is safe.

We know that with a small business, every dollar counts. At Renascence IT Consulting, Inc. we try to find out ways you can save money for your business that you can then use in other facets of your organization. We are here to help not only keep your IT services in line, but what ways we can reduce those costs for you.

More on Bill Tiger:


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