Firefox 4 is out, but Foxy enough?

Earlier this month Internet Explorer released Version 9 of their browser. Google has released Chrome version 10. Firefox, however has released its version 4. While it touts major speed improvements and safety in its browsing capabilities have been upgraded, the point of contention we have seen is compatibility. Certain sites we go to have issues running video or using applications in Firefox 4. Like new operating systems, a new browser version may not work with older web based applications or extensions that you install or use. What do we do in this case? We install the latest version of the preferred browser of our choice, and leave a secondary browser that we know works with our current web applications. In this way we are covered for the latest security issues for the majority of our surfing, but use an older browser for places we trust. 

Renascence IT Consulting, Inc. is always at the forefront of new technology, including browsers. We make sure we recommend the best for your company, but make sure the best doesn't break the bank or your machines. If you wish to stay ahead of the curve without killing your profits, email or call us!

More on Firefox 4:


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