Would you click this link?

This is an actual email I received over the weekend:
It is confirmation for my air flight to Boston on American Airlines. It shows the flight number, and amount I paid. The problem is, I never booked a flight for American Airlines. Worried that I might have had my identity or credit card number stolen, I could click the link on this email. However, if I did, I would have been infected with malware and/or rootkits that would give criminals immediate access to my computer, the network I was on, and other sensitive information. 
How would you handle this situation, and more importantly, how would your employees? With all of your protection from the internet, all it takes is an uninformed user to click the link to bring your entire defense crashing down. At Renascence IT Consulting, we are constantly on the look out and attend security seminars to know the latest and greatest attempts for people to try and part you from your company’s sensitive and financial data. If you are concerned for your business, please contact us and we can conduct a free on site visit to examine your current setup and teach your employees how to deal with situations such as the one above.

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