Windows 8 on sale in October; Early Halloween Treat or Trick?

Microsoft has announced that it will be releasing Windows 8 to the public in October. This comes a little over 3 years of the release of Windows 7, and 5 years after the dismal launch of Vista. The whole interface has changed, making it operate more like their mobile device in look and feel. Many have expressed concern over features missing such as the Start Button and icons being replaced with a "Metro" Style background.

Should your company jump on Windows 8 at first chance or wait to see if it is more like Vista and hold off? At Renascence IT Consulting, we have already been working on Windows 8 to understand its strengths and flaws, and how to help customers with a complete change of design of the operating system since Windows 3.1. Feel free to contact us with your concerns and questions about Windows 8 or any other technology needs. 

More on release date:

Overview of Windows 8:


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