Do You Know What is on Your Network?

A recent survey by Avecto shows that 3 out of 4 IT Professionals simply do not know the software that is installed on a company's network. As employees are allowed to bring in home laptops, mobile devices connect with the latest (or coolest) apps, and people have local administrator access to install what they want, when they want, it makes IT cringe at what is lurking within the dark recesses of the company's infrastructure. 

Are there ways to keep tabs on users' systems, lock down computers, and develop policies to limit personal devices on your business networks? Yes there is! At Renascence IT, we have multiple ways of either detecting, preventing, or assisting your company develop proper enforceable policies to make sure you know what is going on, and lower the chances that someone else has access to your business that is not allowed. 

More on out of control networks:


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