Using a Popular Anti-virus program only because of its name?

I have run into many situations in the past months where I see more and more businesses picking an anti-virus name because it is on the news or on a billboard. Does this make it the best? Would you hire an employee who posts their slick resume on the internet without an interview? Many companies are spending their money on marketing instead of what matters, protecting you and your company. Over the years, I have seen many anti-virus programs that were once on the top of their game rest on their laurels and fail in detection and removal of newer viruses and malware.

Is your company using a "popular" program because your current IT provider or someone at your business recommended it? At Renascence IT Consulting, we look at third party (non-advertising accepting) evaluations and are willing to change providers to protect our clients as opposed to padding our pockets. If you wish to have a free evaluation of your network and solutions, feel free to contact us.

One organization we trust as they do not accept advertising is:

If your current client is not in the top 5, you might want to consider the choices your provider or employees are recommending. 

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