Transitions and Technology Part One

We are still alive. We went through a period of time moving our resources from Posterous (rest in peace) over to WordPress, so you will see the stream pick up on postings again.

During this time, I have worked with many new clients and there is a mindset I run into time and time again that is counter to running a business:

"We can’t afford to upgrade our machines because it is too costly!"

This is flawed logic when working from a business perspective. I will go over many reasons in following postings, but I will start with the biggest: old machines cost your employees hours, which cost you money.

We have gone into companies where we have literally sat for an old Gateway system (proof in itself that it was a dinosaur) to get to a desktop screen after 20 minutes! Opening up a simple document took over 2-3 minutes! If you just extrapolate that out over just one month, or 20 working days, of turning on their system and working on just 10 documents, this person was unable to work for 600 minutes in one month! Basically, this company paid them for 10 hours of work to watch their machine grind away. If you spend around $450 for a decent office workstation, I have seen that drop down to about a 3 minute boot time and less than 20 seconds to open a document. Your office may not be as dramatic, but look at the number of employees and the amount of time wasted because of older hardware and software. You can see that by making an investment in newer equipment will actually SAVE you money in the long run by increasing worker productivity. It will also help with down time when that older hardware decides to croak right at the end of the quarter when your crucial sales report is due.

If you can’t afford the hardware, many large vendors, including Dell and HP, have leasing programs where you can get workstations for $20-30/month and end up owning it at the end of the lease.

We are in the business of making sure you stay in business and are not just operating, but operating efficiently. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at sales or visit us at

Next in the series is, "How Does Older Technology Handle Newer Threats?"


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