Why Adobe Being Hacked Should Have You Concerned

It was revealed that Adobe had a break in of its servers last Friday. As a result 2.9 million customer records were obtained that included credit card numbers and other information. However, the bigger threat looms as the thieves took the code for a number of Adobe products, including Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader.

When malware or viruses are created, they try and use weaknesses in an operating system or software to find cracks that can bypass security and install on your machine. Usually this is done by malware authors by using a "black box". It is essentially a machine with the program(s) they want to try and break and spend considerable time coding their way around defenses. However, with the source code, these people essentially have the alarm code for Adobe products and can see the inherit weaknesses in their products. The problem is Adobe Reader and Acrobat are programmed to insert themselves natively into Windows. This means that these programs have access to your operating system unlike other products. As a result, expect to see many patches and updates for Adobe coming in the next few weeks to try and dam the holes as it were.

However, there are alternatives to Adobe Reader and Acrobat. If you need access to view or create PDFs, there are many solutions that are free or nearly free and don’t require such a huge footprint on your computer. This results in higher productivity for your business and a large security hole closed.

If you wish to know more about these products or want to make sure your network is secure, feel free to contact us at sales.


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