What to Do Now That Windows XP is Dead?

After 12 years and multiple operating systems coming after it, Windows XP will officially be dead to Microsoft come April of 2014. This means no new security patches or support will come to this legacy software once this date passes. This will be a huge issue for any business as without support or updates, it will be easier for groups to target this system and gain access to proprietary, financial, or other sensitive information.

How can a company prevent this? With five months left, there is time to act. The easiest is to move to a newer Windows operating system, but is Vista, 7, or even 8 the best upgrade option? Each one has its pros and cons.

If your business is in this XP hole, we at Renascence IT Consulting can throw you a rope. Feel free to email or call us to work with your business on the most cost effective and least intrusive migrating options.

More on the end of XP:


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