BYOD = Betrayed by Your Own Device?

Your company is locked down. You have encryption on your desktops, the latest firewalls, and your wireless is fortress. Password requirements are high, and updates and patches are run continuously. Nothing can get in to steal your data…except maybe your worker’s Iphone, Android Device, or tablet that gets lost or stolen.

We have walked into too many clients where people have to use bio-metrics and a badge to enter, and security is locked down. We have also seen where the biggest flaw is their lack of noticing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) where an employee leaves their phone or tablet on a flight; which just so happens to contain your newest ideas for patents, quarterly financial data, or future road maps for your products. What can be done to lock these devices down when not at the company?

Luckily, there are several ways to track phones and tablets, wipe them remotely, and even encrypt them. Better yet, these ways cost little to nothing to implement but add a layer of protection for you business. Feel free to contact us for information, policies, and procedures that can be done to make sure that even when away from home, these devices are not the downfall of your company.


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