Renascence IT Consulting Turns 4 Years Old Today!

Thank you to our clients, partners, and friends that have allowed Renascence IT to be around for its FOUR year old anniversary!

Times have changed. Even in this small time frame the "cloud" has moved in on small businesses. This is allowing them to have a serious option of not needing huge, powerful hardware in house any longer for mail, files, accounting, and other office necessities. Devices such as smart phones and tablets have reached a point where many companies can deploy those instead of laptops or desktops to its employees. As a result, first views of websites are not done by computers, but by these portable machines, adding to the need for companies to have mobile friendly versions of their sites. Finally, malware and viruses have gotten more invasive, more lucrative for criminals, and much harder to detect and remove from machines.

If your company is stuck in 2000, 2005, or even 2010 technology, feel free to contact us to make sure your not behind the times, suffering data breaches or production slow downs.

We look forward seeing what the IT industry is like for small businesses in 4 years and hope you can make that journey with us as well.


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