Is Anti-Virus Really Dead?

There have been articles coming out recently that the need for anti-virus is no longer doing its job and people shouldn’t be burdened with it and instead use an anti-malware solution. Many programs out there are bloated and do not do detection and removal like they should. We have seen plenty of those solutions, and many are old stand-bys that are now trying to rest on their laurels instead of improving the quality of their product.

At Renascence IT, we constantly look at ratings and performance of anti-virus products twice a year. We look at reviews by companies that do not accept advertising from vendors, thus the level of bias is not there for "favoring" a certain solution over another. That being said, we believe the MORE protection you have the better. This includes an anti-virus product AND an anti-malware product. much like you have a car with a seat belt and an airbag, they complement each other in keeping your browsing and computer use safer. By not using an anti-virus product, you DO leave yourself open to older viruses that are still out on the internet. It is much like turning on your alarm on your house when you leave, but opening up all your windows on your way out.

If you feel that your company might be suffering from anti-virus bloat, or that your machine is infected or just running slow, contact us and we can assist.

An honest anti-virus comparison site:


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