Avoid using Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Reader has had issues in the past with being the most vulnerable program out for Windows. Apparently, Google research has found even more holes that Adobe can't even patch quickly enough for Windows, Mac, AND Linux. As a result, users are being told NOT to use Adobe Reader to avoid being hacked or triggering a malware attack on their computer. 

At Renascence IT, we have been aware of vulnerable software, including Adobe Reader for years. We have alternatives to Reader that are not only free, but faster than the bloated product Adobe sends out. If you are concerned about your company's data or sensitive information getting out, we can assist with this problem. Feel free to contact us for a free evaluation. 

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Are Hackers using Sidebars and Gadgets to Access Your System?

Microsoft has released an alert and fix for Windows 7 and Vista users. This alert affects the use of Sidebars and Gadgets; small desktop applications that pull data from the web that can deliver financial, weather, or other data directly to a computer's desktop. The issue is that hackers can use those as point of entries to gain access to those machines. 

Is your company concerned about security? Do you know if your employees are doing everything they can to prevent valuable data from possibly leaking out to malicious entities? Contact us and we can do a free evaluation of your small business network and let you know what is secure and what could keep you up at night.

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LinkedIn Hacked

LinkedIn has been compromised by Russian hackers who have proven that they gained access to the data of at least 6,458,020 users. 

If you have a LinkedIn account, it's advised you change your password as soon as you can to protect yourself. Also, if you've used the same password on other accounts like your email, bank accounts, and other sensitive personal or company data, you should probably change those to avoid other breaches.

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Olympic Sized Malware

The Olympics are on the horizon and that also means with the trend comes targeted malicious email based off this event. A new email being sent out supposedly contains a schedule of the 2012 London Olympics. It actually contains a payload that targets machines with outdated Adobe Acrobat/Reader products and installs trojans and other ways to compromise a network.

Is your company savvy with emails that are based on trends like the Olympics? Is your software updated to avoid having malware target outdated or unpatched programs? Feel free to contact us and we can examine your network and your machines to make sure your employees are giving gold medal performances and not disqualifying your business. 

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Will Your Internet Connection Go Dark on July 9th?

Hundreds of thousands of computers will not be able to access the internet after July 9th. This is due to a piece of malware called DNSChanger that has infilitrated these systems. The program changed where computers go when they click on a link; many times going from a legitimate site to a malicious one. On July 9th, the FBI will turn off the servers that hosted this program, making those machines go dark. The link below contains information on how you can check to see if your machine might be infected and how to correct it.

At Renascence IT Consulting, we have battled viruses and malware since the dawn of the internet age. We stay on top of new trends and old viruses to make sure your company is defended the best it can and how to remove those programs when they needle their way into your business' machines.

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Mac Users Experiencing Flashbacks

Over 600,000 Macs have been infected with the Flashback trojan horse. This was originally introduced last year by tricking people into installing it through social engineering. However, the latest version uses exploits found in Java to weasel itself into an unsuspecting Macintoshes. Once infected, the system becomes part of a network than can be used to attack networks, turn over user's information, or hack into other systems. Users can download a patch for Java that will assist in blocking the attack.

With Macs coming under increasing attack, is it better to use Windows? How can your company defend itself against these and other attacks? Contact us at Renascence IT Consulting, and we can adapt a defense for your company that will not cost you the earth. 

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Happy World Backup Day!

Yes, today is World Backup Day. Probably the MOST essential component to any business is the ability to make sure that their data is available in the event of a hardware failure, natural disaster, or rogue employee. A recent survey showed that 70% of business that have a major data loss fail within a year and 75% of businesses that do not have a business continuity plan fail within 3 years.

However, even with a drive on site, your business could be hit with a fire, or electrical short that destroys both your server and your backup. At Renascence IT, we are aware of this and offer a secure onsite and offsite backup solution to make sure that your business stays alive, even if you don't have a physical location any longer. Feel free to contact us for a free evaluation of your backup or company's infrastructure. 

Windows 8 on sale in October; Early Halloween Treat or Trick?

Microsoft has announced that it will be releasing Windows 8 to the public in October. This comes a little over 3 years of the release of Windows 7, and 5 years after the dismal launch of Vista. The whole interface has changed, making it operate more like their mobile device in look and feel. Many have expressed concern over features missing such as the Start Button and icons being replaced with a "Metro" Style background.

Should your company jump on Windows 8 at first chance or wait to see if it is more like Vista and hold off? At Renascence IT Consulting, we have already been working on Windows 8 to understand its strengths and flaws, and how to help customers with a complete change of design of the operating system since Windows 3.1. Feel free to contact us with your concerns and questions about Windows 8 or any other technology needs. 

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Another Month, Another Critical Adobe Flash Update

Adobe has released yet another critical update for its Flash player. This fix corrects an issue that would allow attackers to corrupt memory, and in theory, take control of the user's system. This marks the second time in one month that Adobe has patched its Flash program. 

Are your business' machines at risk for these attacks? Do you even know if you have the latest updates for your systems for the most vulnerable program in Windows (hint: it is another Adobe product that is used by millions). There are free programs that are available that will detect and update your Windows systems to fight off malicious attacks; does your current I.T. know about them? At Renascence IT, we are aware of what attacks are out there to pry your information away from your company's systems, and how to defend yourself without costing a fortune. Contact us with any questions or a free on site visit.