No more Internet?

The last of current internet addresses has been allocated, and there will be no more of Version 4 (IPv4) of Internet addresses. Do not fret, as Version 6 (IPv6) is already in place. However, is your company IP Version 6 compliant? Why is this a big deal? Imagine your current phone number (123) 456-7890. Let's suppose that there are no more numbers that can be given out. The government starts issuing numbers like (1234) 567890 – 123456 to new customers? How do you talk to these new numbers and, if you are new customer, how do you talk to people on old phone numbers? There has been a system in place for a few years to prep for this, BUT this means you need to make sure your network is capable of talking to both types of addresses. 

At Renascence IT Consulting, Inc. we have been monitoring the address drought. We know what to do to make sure your new business is setup for the latest technology, including IPV6. If you are an older business, we can budget your network to make sure it can talk to new addresses as well as old. Contact us if you need an evaluation or some questions answered.

More on IPv6:


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