87% of Fortune 1000 companies infected with malware

Attending a security conference yesterday, I was stunned to see that statistic. From the Risk Management Association, 87% is the approximate percentage of Fortune 1000 companies that have computers that are infected with viruses, malware, and/or botnets. With malicious content like that on a network, it is an open door for cyber criminals to siphon intellectual content, financial data, and personnel records easily. In addition, these infected systems can be used to harm other computers out on the internet. 

With a staggering number such as this, how is a small business able to succeed where large ones fail? At Renascence IT Consulting, Inc, we believe it is with knowledge, experience, and the right tools. We stay up on the latest threats to a business network and can recommend a solution to you whether you are a Fortune 1000 company or own a small one to two person shop. If you wish to know more, please email or call us. 

Our website is at www.renitconsulting.com, or you can email us at sales@renitconsulting.com.

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