Its 5 AM, do you know where your old data is?

A scathing report emerged today, accusing Staples of reselling old customer machines that still had sensitive customer information on it. Over 1/3rd of systems independently checked still had data that included social security numbers, tax records, and banking information. 17 out of 20 laptops that were wiped still had information on them that would be labelled sensitive on them. 

You protect your company's data behind a secure network with protection on desktops and users knowing how to use their machines in a safe manner. However, when those machines are dead, do you just dump them or thoroughly wipe them? By simply throwing your machines away, you may be dumping your company's proprietary, financial, and other private data out for anyone to grab. If you are concerned, contact us and we can assist with proper methods of wiping old machines so that your business stays behind its network and not out for anyone to see.

More on the Staples report:


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