Is Your Printer Sending you Malware?

With people getting smarter about phishing scams, fake anti-virus scanners, not opening unknown attachments from unknown senders, and avoiding going to infected websites, malware creators are getting creative. The latest way for them to try and infect you is to send you an email that appears to be an attachment from your own printer or scanner. Of course, trusting a device in your own network is alright, isn't it? The way to know is the faked email has a subject: “Scan from a <printer name> <random 6 to 8 digit number string>” and has a ZIP file attached. Opening that file will open malicious forces on your machine and network.

With the continuing attacks and changing tactics by malware authors, how can a business remain protected against such overwhelming odds? At Renascence IT Consulting, we are constantly updating our own knowledge with the latest anti-malware programs and techniques to remove instances on your business network. In addition, we can teach your users how to avoid these attacks so you can concentrate on your business and not on your computers.

More on Printer Malware:


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