How to Decrease Your Chance of Infection by Malware

Malware is more than a thorn in a business' side. It can lead to breaches and sharing of sensitive, financial, or legal information to individuals or syndicates who either sell it or use it for their own purposes. However, how do they infect systems? A new study by CSIS (a security group) over 3 months found that over 30% of infections were due to systems not updating their Windows systems and programs. By simply running Windows Updates and installing patches, this can eliminate the largest percentage of being compromised.

Renascence IT Consulting has run into many systems that are infected. These often times take time to remove and to make sure that data has not been compromised. This, at the very least, costs businesses money to pay for an employee to not being able to work. At the worst, a company may have just lost information that can be used by rivals or nefarious groups. The sad thing is many of these cases can be prevented with free software and training employees. If you are being brought down by malware, contact us for a free consultation.

More on the study:


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