How Quickly Can Your System Be Compromised?

I attended a technical conference last week and among many of the interesting subjects was how nasty the internet has become for PCs. A test was conducted of a Windows XP system with its firewall turned off and no Microsoft or application patches were installed. It was then left untouched by people. By hooking it up to the internet, it had become infected with malware and viruses in less than 15 minutes! Even by turning on the Windows Firewall, the system was still infected in under 150 days untouched by any person interacting with the computer! 

Between patches, viruses, updates, malware, spyware, phishing, and socially engineered attacks, how can you keep your company's data safe? Renascence IT Consulting is available to look at your network and machines and make sure that you are prepared for the internet's dark side of the tracks. Contact us for a free on site examination of your business computers. 

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