Is it Safe to Bank on Public Wi-Fi?

An article released by Upgrade Your Life discusses how easy it is for someone to hack your online bank account at a public Wi-Fi spot. While you may be secure behind your own company's protection, an employee who has access to your bank logins can easily lead your company's financials into malicious hands. The article goes on to explain how easily you can be led astray by fake websites who then steal your login and now have your financial information.

At Renascence IT, we look beyond the company that's behind four physical walls. You can secure laptops, desktops and networks down, but with more and more people doing their work in the "cloud" or travelling, it is too easy to hack your information. We, however, can provide solutions to these problems (most free or nearly free) and make sure your money stays with your business and not in someone else's hands.

More on Banking on Wi-Fi:


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