Microsoft calls Google Malicious

A recent update to Microsoft's anti-virus and anti-spyware solutions, Forefront and Security Essentials, tagged as a malicious site. An update went out a few hours later to correct this but it required users to run the update, to fix the previous update. While the issue was rather benign, it raises the question of how updates to programs that are supposed to protect you end up either costing you more time, or possibly even cause more problems for your systems.

With the decades of experience with computer infrastructures, Renascence IT has seen anti-virus programs quarantine or delete items as false positives, Microsoft releasing updates for their operating systems that have then promptly crashed said systems, and patched programs no longer work. While it is hard to anticipate what might go wrong on updates or patches, we have the experience to know what to look for and how to time such updates so your business is not crippled by a "fix". Feel free to email or contact us with any questions on how to patch your systems or any other IT-related issues.

More on the "oops" update:


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